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art sale
On Saturday and Sunday, the beautiful art works produced by the Merrepen artists will be on sale. 
These are iconic depictions of the local fauna, flora, everyday life and traditional stories which are colourful, fresh and contemporary. Works from Merrepen are now held in major public and private collections throughout Australia and internationally.  The work of local artists Gracie Kumbi, Phillip Wilson, Marita Sambono, Patricia McTaggart AM, Kieren McTaggart, Louise Pandella and Maria Marrarr will be available in the auction and the art sale. 

Woman holding painting
Photo: Maria Øien and Stian Thoresen
The Art Sale which will take place at 10am on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June 2013 consists of a great display of paintings by the artists mentioned above and other artists in the community.  Each painting has a price tag attached.  To purchase a painting you just tear off the the bottom part of the tag and give it to the cashier. Once you have torn the tag the painting is considered sold to you, so choose carefully. If you accidentally tear off a tag just let the cashier know straight away.
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